Cashew Turmeric Granola

Cashew Turmeric Granola

I stay prepared, big and small.  

I’m prepared for tomorrow’s day of work.  I mean… insofar as I have a bra and a pair of jeans set out on my bedroom chair. 

I’m prepared for my hungry hungry cat with extra bags of food. I’m prepared for my travel schedule with my passport and this face mask.  

I’m prepared for a good time with a drawer full of sparklers and a bar full of gin and a freezer with plenty of ice.  

I’m prepared for a hurricane with extra drinking water, a mostly full tank of gas, and flood insurance like a dang adult. 

But mostly I prepare for my hunger… and the hunger of anyone who crosses the threshold.  This granola, or some version of it, stays in my pantry.  It’s something I pile in a bowl for breakfast and snack on in the afternoon.

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